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"On-The-Job Injuries skillfully managed the complexities of L & I thus reducing my stress and allowing me to focus on treatment for my injury. I never would have navigated through this process without Adeline's knowledge and compassion."
- Barbara S.

"I would highly recommend the services of On-The-Job Injuries Inc. Their vast knowledge and support is what carried me through this tough and trying process. I'm not sure I would have made it through without them."
- Gregg H.

"When I was first injured, I realized I would need help with my claim. I contacted Eva Watson, smartest move I made. There are many ins and outs of a work related injury case that people don't realize. I would have been lost without the assistance from On the Job Injuries. Eva is very knowledgeable about the system and has done an amazing job advocating for me in all aspects of my claim. On the Job Injuries has pointed me in the direction I needed to go to get the proper treatment. I don't know many other people out there that would put in this much effort into helping their client, and I am grateful I chose them."
- Lonni F.

"My claim had closed, and benefits stopped. I had representation that told me there is nothing more that can be done on my claim. I was faced with a nightmare of a situation, but thankfully a friend refered me to On the Job Injuries. Eva and the office staff have been fantastic. Every aspect of my claim they have walked me through, and over the last three years I have not had the stress of dealing with the L&I process. I already recommend Eva and the staff of On the Job Injuries to anyone I know dealing with an L&I claim."
- Owen M.